This company, a subsidiary of Milliken & Co., recently introduced SiVance® C2010 resin, a reactive silicone technology designed to create highly durable epoxy-silicone hybrid coating formulations.

The high-performance material reportedly helps extend the flexibility and impact resistance of protective coatings used in harsh operating environments such as undersea drilling, hydraulic fracturing, and chemical manufacturing. Compared to coatings made with competitive products, hybrid formulations featuring the resin can enable formulators to help their customers avoid the cracking, delamination, and blistering that can lead to corrosion and failure of metal pipes, tanks, and equipment.

“While epoxies for protective coatings have been enhanced over the years, they are approaching their limits,” said Jeff Jones, business development director. “At the same time requirements for today’s extremely demanding environments are escalating. SiVance C2010 resin gives formulators a powerful new tool for extending the durability of epoxies under the harshest of conditions, helping end customers reduce maintenance, replacement costs and downtime.”

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