This company recently announced the release of CN9302 dual-cure urethane acrylate oligomer, which reportedly offers both acrylate and isocyanate functionality. The reactive isocyanate can give UV/EB formulations a secondary cure of shadowed areas with ambient moisture, which results in enhanced coating performance.

The oligomer can be used in UV/EB-curable, two-part urethane and dual-cure formulations. It offers low color and low viscosity, while also providing resistance to abrasions and chemicals. Additional benefits reportedly include coating toughness and pigment wetting for better distribution in liquids. These features and performance properties can make the oligomer suitable for conformal coatings and other high-performance coatings on metal, plastic, and wood surfaces. It can also be used to improve the cure and performance of laminating adhesives, pressure-sensitive adhesives, and screen printing inks.

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