This company’s international brand recently introduced new protective coatings. Polibrid® 705E elastomeric polyurethane and Polibrid 670S concrete primer are now part of its robust high-performance protective coatings and linings portfolio.

Polibrid 705E reportedly is an odorless, zero-volatile-organic-compound (VOC) two-component coating specifically designed to protect concrete and steel in severe service environments. The coating is an upgrade to Polibrid 705. Polibrid 670S concrete primer is reportedly being introduced to round out the offer.

The ultra-high build, solvent-free elastomeric polyurethane cures fast and dries into a dense, crack-resistant elastic membrane that may withstand the expansion and contraction of concrete, while providing protection to rivets, bolts, edges, and other surface imperfections. Geotextile fabrics may also be embedded within the coating to produce reinforced, bonded geomembrane linings.

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