Wood coatings from this company reportedly offer OEMs higher production levels and lower labor costs because they are fast-cure products can be handled in a matter of minutes instead of several hours. In addition, they reportedly require a minimal staging/curing area, which can save floor space typically required for product production.

Chemline wood coatings reportedly provide a protective barrier for wood, making it abrasion-, impact-, moisture- and UV-resistant, even in harsh environments, such as temperatures below -20°F. Applied Chemline polyurea coatings resemble traditional vinyl or ABS plastic with a textured-style appearance that forms a slip-resistant and waterproof barrier for wooden surfaces.

The company’s polyurea and polyurethane coatings can be used to protect wood surfaces in industries such as commercial table edging, shipping crates and containers, boat hulls and decks, hard wood speaker cabinets, and musical instrument carrying cases, as well as balconies, decks, and walkway surfaces. The wood coatings can be used to encapsulate treated timber products to prevent pressure-treated chemicals from leaching into the environment.

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