Henkel Adhesive Technologies has joined the HP Open Materials and Applications Platform and plans to work with HP in its Corvallis, Ore., 3-D Materials and Applications lab to develop customized, industry-specific solutions for HP Multi Jet Fusion™ customers.

“The partnership between HP and Henkel is backed by strong market leadership, a legacy of innovation and an aligned commitment to additive manufacturing,” said Michael Todd, corporate vice president and global head of innovation and new business development, Henkel Adhesive Technologies. “With our broad material portfolio and customer base across diverse industries, Henkel is able to champion custom 3-D solutions through various functional applications. This, combined with HP’s vision for open materials innovation, enables us to develop materials and applications once thought impossible.”

“HP is proud to welcome a distinguished industry leader like Henkel to its open 3-D printing materials community, we look forward to working closely together in HP’s new Open Materials and Applications Lab to certify materials for the HP Multi Jet Fusion 3-D printing platform,” said Stephen Nigro, president of 3-D printing, HP Inc. “Driving more innovation, expanding development of new materials, and lowering the cost of advanced 3-D printing materials and applications is a critical catalyst for the digital reinvention of the global manufacturing industry.”

For more information, visit www.henkel.com.