H.B. Fuller Co. recently reported financial results for the third quarter that ended September 2. Net income for the third quarter of 2017 was $25.1 million, vs. net income of $32.7 million in last year’s third quarter.

Net revenue for the third quarter of 2017 was $562.9 million, up 9.8% compared to the third quarter of 2016. Higher volume, pricing and acquisitions reportedly positively impacted net revenue growth, which was offset by negative foreign currency translation. Constant currency revenue grew by 11% year over year.

“We are pleased with the positive progression of pricing and strong volume growth across the businesses,” said Jim Owens, president and CEO. “The Americas is solidly back to growth mode, with organic volume delivery of over 6%. Engineering adhesives continued to deliver sales growth above our long term target of 15 % and drove margins higher to nearly 14%, a key tenet in our long-term strategy.” 

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