Astorg and Arsenal Capital Partners recently announced that Astorg has partnered with management and signed a definitive agreement to acquire IGM Resins, a global manufacturer and innovator of ultraviolet (UV) curable materials, from Arsenal. The transaction is expected to close in the second quarter.

Headquartered in Waalwijk, the Netherlands, IGM is a leading independent global manufacturer of specialty photoinitiators.

“We are pleased that Astorg has recognized IGM’s value creation strategy and look forward to partnering with them to continue our focus on providing our customers new products and technologies across the product portfolio,” said Edward Frindt, CEO of IGM. “Astorg has significant experience in the specialty chemical sector and a broad and experienced team, which will ensure a seamless transition.”

“IGM has established a truly unique position in the UV-curable materials space, thanks to its strong focus on innovation and unrivalled customer intimacy,” said Nicolas Marien, director at Astorg. “We have been impressed with what has been achieved by the brilliant and dedicated management team, enabling the company to grow significantly over the past few years. We are glad to accompany IGM during the next phase of its ambitious development plan through the provision of adequate capital resources and enhanced M&A capabilities.”

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