This company has introduced a new dibenzoyl peroxide (BPO) formulation, Perkadox GB-50, to the composites market. GB-50 will reportedly replace Perkadox CH-50, a peroxide that is desensitized (or phlegmatized) with dicyclohexyl phthalate (DCHP), which the European Union recently reclassified as a category 1B Reproductive Toxin.

“With Perkadox GB-50, we have created a DCHP-free alternative. Following testing in our RD&I labs and by select customers around the world, we have determined that it maintains the same performance level as its CH-50 predecessor,” said Ross Opsahl, polymer chemistry business development manager. The new product is phlegmatized with ethylene glycol dibenzoate (EGDB).

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