Finder Pompe, part of PSG®, a Dover company, recently announced the opening of a new pump-testing facility at its headquarters in Merate, Italy. The new test building covers 1,500 sq m (5,000 sq ft), reportedly making it six times larger than Finder’s previous testing facility.

“As our product offering has become more expansive and our client base more diverse, we felt this was the perfect time to add this new pump-testing facility to the list of service offerings that we can provide for our channel partners,” said Luca Farris, general manager.

The facility’s larger footprint reportedly makes it more suitable for testing pumps with higher capacities and at higher pressures. It features three stiff platforms that can accommodate horizontal pump and skid installations. In addition, the facility is equipped with a testing circuit for lube oil pumps and a testing circuit for testing of liquid ring vacuum pumps.

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