On October 10, 2019, ViscoTec America will celebrate 10 years of growth in the world of handling fluids and pastes with high-precision dosing technology. Reportedly continually growing throughout the years, ViscoTec America currently has sales staff strategically positioned across North America, was able to establish an active dealer in Mexico, and recently opened a branch office in California.

“Since its foundation in 2009 ViscoTec America has driven growth with great dedication,” said Georg Senftl, CEO of parent company ViscoTec Pumpen-u. Dosiertechnik GmbH. “With perseverance, courageous decisions and competent employees we were able to become a distinguished partner for demanding dosing and dispensing applications in various industries. Gerald Pfeiler, the CEO of our subsidiary in the USA, told me many years ago that he was convinced that America is an important market for ViscoTec—and he was 100 % correct!”

“In the 10 years, we have always been guided by a few principles: To act in the long term best interest of our customers, to always provide the best possible dispensing solutions and to provide better than excellent customer service,” said Pfeiler. “I am looking forward to continue our success story together with my great team and to a bright and prosperous future for us at ViscoTec America!”

For more information, visit www.viscotec-america.com.