Effective immediately, TOR Minerals International, Inc. has expanded Palmer Holland’s sales and marketing footprint down the entire Eastern Seaboard. This expansion reportedly builds on Palmer Holland’s current territory of both the Midwest and Northeastern U.S.

The products targeted in this expansion include TOR Minerals’ lines of:

  • BARTEX®—barium sulfate with high whiteness and brightness, chemical inertness, and controlled particle sizing
  • HALTEX®— non-toxic flame retardant and smoke-suppressant filler
  • HITOX®—buff-colored titanium dioxide pigment produced for use in a broad range of non-white applications
  • TIOPREM®—colored inorganic titanium dioxide pigment used in paints and coatings, including powder coatings and primers

For more information, visit www.palmerholland.com. TOR Minerals can be found online at www.torminerals.com.