The Society of Chemical Manufacturers & Affiliates (SOCMA) recently announced that Ashland’s Merry Hill facility is being recognized for its tremendous efforts and unique approaches to sustainability practices as part of the association’s 2019 Performance Improvement Awards program during SOCMA Week, December 4-6, in New Orleans. For 13 years, SOCMA has honored companies that are leading the charge in environmental, health, safety and security (EHS&S) through its Performance Improvement Awards program. Ashland Merry Hill will be among 29 facilities that will be recognized for their efforts in environmental stewardship.

“Protecting the environment through conservation and sustainable practices is of the utmost importance to specialty chemical manufacturers,” said Joe Dettinger, senior director of Compliance & Stewardship. “We commend Ashland’s Merry Hill facility on the outstanding job it has done in developing processes and reimagining resources to safeguard the environment. We were particularly impressed with the facility’s sustainability team that develops goals for Ashland’s individual product lines.”  

As the recipient of SOCMA’s Sustainability Award, Ashland’s Merry Hill plant specifically caught the eye of the judges with the unique processes included in its sustainability program. The facility utilizes an air emission data system that captures real-time information tied to process transactions. The judges were particularly impressed with how the facility is reimagining resources by returning nutrients that are left unused back to the earth to maintain and enhance nutrient-rich fields to sustain harvest yields. The Merry Hill site achieved a 100% waste diversion rate, which reduces the need for additional fertilizers to be applied to the field. This reduction in fertilizer also decreases the likelihood of non-point source pollution in the form of field run off.

“Ashland’s Merry Hill facility has made exceptional strides in 2019 and set a standard that others in the industry can learn from as they grow and strengthen their own sustainability programs,” said Jennifer Abril, SOCMA president and CEO. “We look forward to honoring this outstanding facility and its staff during our Performance Improvement Awards ceremony in New Orleans.” 

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