The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) recently announced that it is providing Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) and related materials in 17 languages other than English to help small business owners recover due to the unprecedented economic disruption caused by the coronavirus outbreak. With additional funding provided by a new COVID-19 relief package, the SBA resumed accepting PPP applications from participating lenders on April 27, 2020.

The documents are provided in other languages for informational purposes only to assist non-English speakers with completing their PPP applications. The SBA notes that many of its programs, including the PPP, require companies to work with a bank, credit union, or other type of lender that may not be able to accept materials or provide customer support in languages other than English. Thus, applications must be still be submitted in English.

Program information is now available in Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, German, French, and others. Visit for additional details.