Cotronics recently announced that its Ultra-Temp 390PS pressure-sensitive ceramic tape wraps around pipes and equipment for thermal and electrical insulation to 2,300˚F. Thermally efficient ceramic tape reportedly has excellent adhesion to metals, ceramic, and glass. Easy to use, Ultra-Temp 390PS ceramic tape eliminates the time spent twisting, slipping, and unwrapping that occurs with standard tapes.

The pressure-sensitive adhesive backing simplifies placement and installation, according to Cotronics. Mechanical fastening or high-temperature adhesive is required for applications above 400˚F. The combined ceramic tape and pressure-sensitive adhesive reportedly make it the ideal material for any high-temp application requiring up to 2,300˚F continuous service with excellent thermal and electrical resistance.

Ceramic tape is made from asbestos-free, aluminum oxide-based, high-purity refractory fibers. These tapes have low specific heat and low thermal conductivity. They are resistant to thermal shock and offer electrical insulation, good dielectric strength, and excellent corrosion resistance.

Applications include high-temperature insulation, furnace linings, mufflers, gas turbines, fans, ovens, chemical reactors, expansion joint packing, high-temperature filters, fire protection, sound absorption, stress-relieving insulation, non-contaminating brazing, and more. Adhesive-backed ceramic tapes are packaged in easy-to-use roll widths of 1, 1.5, 2, or 3 in. and are available in two thicknesses: 1/8 in. x 50 ft long and 1/4 in. x 62.5 ft long.

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