In 2015, we were challenged with developing a 14-head, 140/min, continuous-motion bottle filler to fill blow-molded bottles. It was during this project that we first began to work with Morrison Container Handling Solutions, and we began to rethink how we could transfer cartridge containers through our filling systems.

Many of our customers have high-speed filling needs that require a horizontal presentation to their downstream packaging systems, like case packers. The partnership with Morrison enabled us to see the possibilities that we could develop with container-handling screw systems.


Design Innovations

According to our product manager, Adam Thomas, Morrison was able to utilize its container handling expertise to provide a new way to handle the cartridges. We take a horizontal infeed to a vertical filling approach and then back to a horizontal output. This process allows us to deliver an improved cartridge handling solution for customers in the industrial sealant, adhesive, and grease markets.

Our vertical filling approach allows us to handle a variety of liquids, from thin self-leveling products to thick viscosities up to 3 million centipoise. Though we have developed solutions to present cartridges to items such as case packers, we are constantly looking for ways to improve them for higher speed systems.

The partnership with Morrison illustrated that we could not only improve our cartridge unload, but we could develop a more compact, ergonomic multi-head filling system that can fill cartridges with speeds of up to 150/min. InLine series cartridge fillers offer up to four fill heads and come standard with plunger insert and cartridge reject. Fillers can also be fitted with other stations, such as check weighing and inkjet printing. InLine systems also allow for easy access to system stations, as well as under-machine access for service and maintenance purposes.

“With the way we worked together to lay out these systems, we were able to provide a more compact and versatile system that allows our rates to be faster and integrate into a variety of full production lines,” Thomas said. “This design with Morrison has provided more orders and opportunities to work on larger lines.”

InLine cartridge filling systems are designed to work with 10-, 14-, and 30-oz fiber, plastic, and metal cartridges with multiple plunger and over-cap styles. In addition to systems with horizontal infeed and outfeed, we have also developed several systems for the grease industry that feature vertical load and unload that work with our customers’ downstream packing systems. InLine systems can either be supplied with cartridges via bulk load bins, which hold up to 1,000 cartridges, or by cartridge hoppers and automatic sorters to allow constant production.


New Offerings

We also recently launched a line of U.S.-made case packing systems. We have developed several case packer models that seamlessly integrate into any of our filling lines, including the high-speed InLine systems. We can now offer case packers that produce a variety of case pack patterns with speeds to 15 cases/min. We have also developed combination 10- and 30-oz systems that accommodate a variety of pack patterns, all with simple changeover procedures.

The new case packing systems are designed to work with either automatic taping systems or hot-glue systems to securely seal a variety of case sizes. They feature heavy-duty steel unibody construction and feature fast changeovers, service, and online support via Ethernet connectivity. Options include Allen-Bradley PLC and operator displays, as well as explosion-proof controls. Systems include overhead box transfers, minimal parts and adjustments for fast changeovers, auto pick and transfer to box erector, low tape and case alarms, and upgraded servo options for higher speeds.

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