Archroma recently announced that it has entered an agreement with Van Horn, Metz & Co. for the distribution of Mowilith® emulsions for waterborne coatings and other applications in the U.S. These emulsions are reportedly used by home decor manufacturers in Asia and Latin America to impart wood and metal coatings, concrete, and industrial paints with properties such as: high gloss; resistance to UV, water, dirt, and scratches; and weatherability. This helps to protect walls, floors, and other surfaces, reducing the need for regular maintenance and increasing their durability.

In addition, Van Horn, Metz will premiere Archroma’s Core Shell technology for the first time to U.S. customers. According to Archroma, Core Shell was designed in Indonesia, one of the most challenging climates for wood and other materials. It combines hard and soft polymer particles to create relatively hard, yet flexible coatings with better scratch and dirt blocking resistance. The formulation also allows faster drying of the coating, with earlier blocking resistance.

“We strive to offer leading solutions, quality products and superior customer service,” said Barrett Fisher, president of Van Horn, Metz. “Our goal is to bring the latest global technology to our customers, and Archroma has a proven track record with their high performing Mowilith® emulsions for wood and metal coatings. We are extremely pleased to be able to introduce the Mowilith® brand and the Core Shell technology to our customers.”

According to Bryan Dill, head of Sales, North America, for Archroma, “Archroma and Van Horn, Metz & Company share the same belief that it is possible to create safe and sustainable furniture and home decors that are beautiful and durable.”

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