The joint venture between Evonik and Wynca, Evonik Wynca (Zhenjiang) Silicon Material Co., Ltd., recently held an opening ceremony for a new fumed silica plant located in the Zhenjiang New Material Industry Park in Jiangsu province, China. Evonik’s first fumed silica production site in China, the plant will produce fumed silica marketed under the brand name AEROSIL®. More than 150 participants, including employees from Evonik and Wynca, partners, government, and media representatives, attended the opening ceremony.

Fumed silica provides features such as thickening, thixotropy, anti-precipitation, and matting. It finds use in industrial applications such as silicones, coatings, adhesives, and sealants. Evonik reports that demand for fumed silica in the Chinese market is growing steadily.

The joint venture will combine Evonik’s product technology with Wynca’s silicone industry chain, producing high-value fumed silica products through the comprehensive use of monomer byproducts, methyltrichlorosilane and chlorosilane from Wynca. Meanwhile, the byproduct hydrochloric acid will also be fully utilized as a raw material for the Wynca Zhenjiang site. This production loop is expected to contribute to synergies among silicone monomer, chlorosilane, and fumed silica production, and ultimately to a circular economy.

“I am excited to witness the cooperation between Evonik and the Chinese partner Wynca,” said Claudine Mollenkopf, Ph.D., head of the Evonik Silica business line. “The joint venture will be a strong complement to Evonik’s global presence in fumed silica. We expect win-win results through leveraging the expertise of both parties in silicon materials.”

According to Jianhua Wu, chairman of the Wynca Group, “The partnership allows both sides to realize integration and complementarity in the supply chain of fumed silica and the recycling of materials. The improved value chain will enable us to deliver premium services and products to customers in China and Asia.”

During his speech at the opening ceremony, Fuliang Xia, president of Evonik Greater China, said, “Since the plant broke ground in December 2019, we’ve completed the construction work on schedule with high quality and safety standards. We live up to our commitment to the customers. Evonik continues to develop its global footprint and focus on providing local customers with tailor-made products and services. We are also looking forward to joining forces with Wynca, our strong partner in China, to drive the growth in the Chinese market.”

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