Henkel Adhesive Technologies recently announced that it has strengthened its capabilities for the growing demand of smart adult-care solutions by investing in Smartz AG, a medical technology start-up headquartered in Baar, Switzerland. Smartz has reportedly developed an end-to-end-solution for diapers that improves the quality of life for adults while effectively supporting care and medical personnel, as well as reducing costs and increasing the service level in care facilities.

Both companies have signed a joint marketing and joint development agreement to combine Henkel’s printed electronics expertise with Smartz’ adult care Internet of Things (IoT) hardware and software solutions. With the investment, Henkel aims to strengthen this partnership and to drive the development of additional innovative adult care applications in the future.

“As part of our corporate venturing activities we are focusing on novel and scalable technologies complementing our existing portfolio in adhesives, sealants and functional coatings with data-driven business models,” said Paolo Bavaj, head of Corporate Venturing for Adhesive Technologies. “Together with Smartz we have combined our printed electronics capabilities with their IoT and software platform, developing a market-ready solution that can be easily integrated in the existing manufacturing processes of adult diapers. The partnership helps us to further differentiate and strengthen our offerings in the diaper market and responds to the fast-growing demand of smart adult care. With the investment we want to demonstrate our commitment to Smartz and to further drive the development of future generations of smart care products and new applications relating to digital health.”

Smartz was founded in 2021 and was formally known as Simavita. The company’s pod sensor design is a clip-on, reusable device that works in tandem with a sensing interface that is based on conductive inks from Henkel. The sensing interface is printed onto the incontinence product at the time of high-speed manufacture. This market-ready material is non-invasive, fully safe for skin contact, and allows the sensors to communicate wirelessly with a caregiver’s software dashboard. The solution provides manufacturers of hygiene products with smart capabilities that can be integrated into existing product designs and produced on a large scale without capital expenditure or impact on manufacturing efficiencies.

 “Our partnership with Henkel is a world leading initiative,” said Michael Spooner, executive chairman of Smartz. “It delivers the strength, certainty and service quality demanded by our customers, together with a cloud based and App driven technology which embodies decades of real-world experience in adult care. Right now, we are working hard with Henkel and our customers to deliver improved health care outcomes for the elderly, together with improved conditions for those working in the industry.”

Additional details are available at www.henkel.com.