Mayzo recently announced that its operations center in Walterboro, S.C., is fully operational. Reportedly designed to provide customers with a broader range of chemical additive solutions, the Mayzo Operations Center (MOC) offers customers benefits such as customized packaging and blending, centralized warehousing, a chemical laboratory for research and development, and a quality control team.

In addition, Mayzo reports that the MOC’s proximity to both Savannah and Charleston’s shipping ports simplifies the company’s distribution system. The MOC is located right off I-95, which runs along the East Coast and connects with other essential east-to-west highways.

“The dream of having an operational facility with all of our products and services under one roof is no longer a dream,” said Eduardo Padilla, president. “As I walk around and see all the new additive options that we can now offer our customers from this location, I can’t help but feel extremely proud of our entire team that turned it into a reality.”

“Over the years, our customers have been expressing interest in additional warehousing options, new repackaging solutions, additional chemical additive blending capabilities, and altered physical forms,” said Garry Schoolcraft, vice president of global operations. “Today, I am pleased to say our facility is now fully operational and ready to meet the needs our customers.”

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