Henkel’s TEROSON® OEM approved vehicle solutions–like the TEROSON MS 9320 SF sealant–allow for body shops and commercial vehicle workshops to perform, replace, and repair affected areas, and also to rebuild OEM seams. The silane-modified polymer-based, chemical-curing sealant can rebuild OEM-approved standard seams, brushed beads, spray seams, PVC structure seams, flat stream seams, wide stream seams, and special OEM textures, directly from the dispenser. The TEROSON MS 9320 SF sealant has no need for additional masking, priming, or special or additional tools (e.g. spreader). Its use can typically save up to 25% rebuild time per job–based on an average time of 120 min/repair.

Water-based coatings adhere well to this sealant following skin formation, reducing any danger of unwanted air pockets or uneven surfaces, which would compromise the end result. The sealant is also spot-weldable before cure. Henkel reports that the application of TEROSON MS 9320 SF is time efficient, and demonstrates excellent resistance to UV and corrosion. The product’s stability and smooth flow through a wide choice of application nozzles allow the creation of OEM-approved flat- and wide-stream seams and sprayable/brushable seams for OEM textures. The TEROSON range has standard, spray, universal, and butterfly nozzles, through to flat-stream and wide-stream nozzles.

Available in three color choices–black, gray, and ochre–TEROSON MS 9320 SF provides adhesion to many different surfaces without primer, and with elasticity when cured, it supports movement without cracking. It is isocyanate- and silicone-free, fast curing, and over-paintable after 10 minutes, up to three days after application.

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