Vibra Screw has also introduced a line of Heavy Duty Bin Dischargers for large silos. The Heavy Duty Bin Dischargers combine a shallow upper section with a steeper lower cone. This compound shape eliminates the bridging and packing at the discharge outlet that is common with single sloped designs. No secondary baffles are required.

Heavy Duty Bin Dischargers are available in diameters from 6’ to 12’. Heavy Duty Bin Dischargers use the same flexible sleeve, vibration isolation system, and vibratory drives as Vibra Screw’s Bin Activator.

Forged Steel Suspension System

Each Vibra Screw Bin Discharger is supported by a series of forged steel hangers, fitted with steel core elastomer vibration isolators. This results in strength along with near total isolation of the Bin Discharger vibration from the bin and surrounding structure.

The forged hangers carry 70,000 (small) and 120,000 (large) lbs. load each. This is the ultimate capacity (of the steel forging), so the bin activator does not fall off the bin. Usable (operating) capacity is determined by the isolators, which is approx. 5,000 lbs per hanger. Either more forged hangers or more cable hangers can be added to the isolator capacity to keep the isolator loading within limits.

Patented Beaded Sleeve

Molded in one piece with four retaining beads, this sleeve design has eliminated the problem of sleeve leakage and slippage. Stainless-steel clamps fit securely between the beads and tighten easily and effectively. This sleeve design will withstand 10 PSI internal pressure, and is standard in all of Vibra Screw’s Bin Discharger designs. Special compounds for high-temperature and a flanged bolted sleeve for high pressure are also available.

Oil-Lubricated Gyrator or Grease-Lubricated Vibrator

The oil-lubricated and cooled Gyrator is guaranteed for 50,000 hours of use. The large force-generated eccentric weights are mounted on a massive shaft revolving in oversized, precision bearings. The drive motor is mounted inline with the eccentric weight assembly, but works through a floating coupling so that the motor bearings carry only the motor rotor. Motor life is several times that of a typical shafted motor.

The grease-lubricated gyrator is designed with a rotating motor with oversized shaft, bearings, and eccentric weights on the shaft to generate centrifugal force. Force output is adjusted by changing the unbalance of the weights.

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