H.B. Fuller and HSMG have partnered to pair HSMG PROTĒAN® CupKOTE™ with H.B. Fuller Swift®tak adhesives. This offering provides a commercial-ready, poly-free, water, oil and grease barrier solution for single-use paper beverage cup manufacturers in North America. HSMG announced the availability of PROTĒAN CupKOTE in 2021 as a recyclable coating to replace the plastics used in billions of disposable drink cups worldwide every year. These plastics often prevent paper cups from being recycled or recyclable. According to Science Direct, improved paper cup recycling could reduce carbon footprint impacts by up to 40%. Unlike traditional polyethylene coating, which self-heat seals as cups are formed, cups using PROTĒAN CupKOTE are secured on the sides and bottom by an H.B. Fuller Swifttak water-based, cold-seal adhesive applied during the printing process.

“H.B. Fuller provides unmatched expertise and quality in their adhesive solutions. We look forward to promoting PROTĒAN CupKOTE, together with H.B. Fuller adhesives, to allow our customers to transition to poly-free cups quickly and successfully,” said Kris Burton, chief operating officer of HSMG. “Together, we can provide cost-competitive cups that are easily recyclable both pre- and post-consumer.”

“H.B. Fuller is committed to helping the industry toward circular packaging and is enthusiastic about this collaboration. It is an opportunity to enhance our offering and affirm our commitment to enabling recyclable foodservice packaging. Meeting the sustainability goals of our customers will require innovation beyond the ordinary, which we are accomplishing in this endeavor with HSMG,” said Amber Fischer, H.B. Fuller Global Packaging Makers business director.

For more information, visit: https://www.hbfuller.com/.