The American Chemistry Council (ACC) issued the following statement in response to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposed supplemental revisions to the 2018 Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) fees rule:  

“ACC and its members have consistently advocated for cost-effective approaches to TSCA implementation, including the reasonable collection of fees from chemical manufacturers to conduct TSCA risk evaluations. ACC supports efforts to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the TSCA program. We will review EPA’s proposed revisions to the TSCA fees rule, and provide detailed comments to the Agency on the proposed rule.

“We are extremely concerned with EPA’s proposal to considerably increase TSCA fees, and at the Agency’s continued failure to adequately substantiate these costs. For example, EPA proposes increasing the industry fee for a TSCA Section 6 EPA-Initiated Risk Evaluation from $1.35 million to an astronomical $5 million for each risk evaluation. That’s a 276% increase from 2018. 

“We want EPA to show us the math, and substantiate TSCA fees and revenue. We strongly urge EPA and its program offices to develop a more forward-looking and transparent financing model for an effective and efficient TSCA program.”

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