The Pressure Sensitive Tape Council (PSTC) has created a new certificate program to help showcase applicants' accomplishments. The curriculum includes practical training, education, and growth opportunities that correspond to three certificate levels. Applicants may apply for multiple levels simultaneously if they qualify.

“The Pressure Sensitive Tape Certificate program lays out what a potential career path working with PSA tape could look like, from beginning an entry level position onward to the top of the industry,” said Joe Tocci, PSTC president.

Level 1: Master the Basics

The entry-level certificate validates an understanding of PSA tape fundamentals.

Level 2: Advance Your Career

This certificate requires at least two years of experience in the PSA industry and validates an understanding of the PSA industry.

Level 3: Hone Your Expertise

The final certificate requires at least five years of experience in the PSA industry and is intended for applicants who hold or are working toward a management-level position.

“The three certificate levels encompass opportunities to demonstrate not only proficiency in the technical aspects of PSA tape, but also comprehensive understanding of its role in the wider PSA industry – including insight in both market applications and how to navigate challenges throughout the supply chain,” said Michel Merkx, PSTC past president.

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