The Flexographic Technical Association (FTA) has awarded Sun Chemical one of the most prestigious awards for sustainability in the packaging industry for its mono-web coatings. The award recognizes Sun Chemical’s portfolio of mono-web protective coatings which enable mono-web film structures as alternatives to lamination structures common in label and flexible packaging

“Sun Chemical is excited to be awarded with the FTA’s Sustainability Excellence Award this year,” said Heather Buchholz, manager, global marketing. “To be recognized for our mono-web coatings and the impact they have on driving circularity in packaging is tremendous as it recognizes our approach and commitment to the market. And we’re not done. This award reinforces our drive and commitment at Sun Chemical to continue innovating solutions that will solve our customers’ sustainability challenges and benefit the markets we serve.” 

“Sun Chemical continues to show its leadership in bringing innovative sustainability solutions to the packaging market,” said Dr. Nikola Juhasz, global technical director of sustainability. “This industry recognition is a true honor, and it gives us confidence that we are working on the right programs to deliver the technologies that are needed.”

Many labels and flexible packaging on the market today are comprised of complex, multi-layer structures that use alternative plastic films and require lamination, making it harder to recycle. These complex structures use more raw materials resources and require higher emissions to create, and can also increase the weight of a package, ultimately increasing transportation emissions.

Sun Chemical’s portfolio of mono-web coatings resolve all of these issues and are equally as durable as the multi-layer laminated structures, able to endure the same common abrasions and rubbings that occur during transportation, sorting, and on-shelf conditions. The transition from lamination to mono-web structures can save on the use of adhesive, film, processing time, and final label weight—all of which reduce the environmental footprint and use of virgin resources.

“The FTA Sustainability Excellence Awards highlights the phenomenal work the flexographic industry does to help improve our environment and society,” said Doreen Monteleone, FTA sustainability consultant. “Every entry demonstrated leadership, forward thinking, and a willingness to do better. It was difficult to narrow down the winners. We are pleased to recognize those that made a transformative impact on sustainability in flexography.”

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