The Lubrizol Co. was recently awarded four Responsible Care® Awards from the American Chemistry Council (ACC). ACC’s Responsible Care awards program recognizes industry leaders who have made a commitment to the environment and health and safety. The four awards include two for waste minimization, reuse and recycling, one for energy efficiency, and one for facility safety.  

Lubrizol won the Waste Minimization, Reuse and Recycling Award for its “Centrate Recycle” program at its Louisville, Kentucky, plant, and the other at its Wickliffe, Ohio, site for its “Scale Inhibitor Reformulations: No Waste Production” project. The goal of the “Centrate Recycle” program is to reduce water and steam consumption and to decrease the volume of water sent to treatment facilities. The plant replaced 50% of the hot water it used for a manufacturing process and eliminated a steam addition to the process, saving 11.5 million gallons of water, 3.2 million pounds of steam, and more than 240 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions annually. In Ohio, the project reformulated products for oilfield applications to minimize risks associated with waste collection, reducing its waste production by more than 150 metric tons per year. 

The Energy Efficiency Award was given to the company’s Avon Lake, Ohio, site for a CO2 reduction initiative. The plant achieved a 5% reduction in energy usage and a reduction of 650 metric tons of CO2 emissions annually.

Lubrizol won The Facility Safety Award for its achievements in employee health and safety performance at its U.S. sites.

“Lubrizol takes a holistic approach to safety and sustainability, from our innovation decisions to the work we are doing at our sites every day to enhance safety and reduce our environmental impact,” said Beth Grove, chief sustainability officer. “We are proud to be recognized by the American Chemistry Council for our relentless commitment to a safe and clean future.”

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