Mactac®, a LINTEC Company, is acquiring Label Supply, headquartered in Ontario, Canada. Label Supply has been servicing the Canadian roll label market for more than three decades.

Mactac will acquire an established turnkey facility with eleven finishing assets, a comprehensive transportation and shipping fleet, a robust laboratory and technical resource group, and an in-house ink partner. With the added support of Mactac, Label Supply benefits from a larger customer base, capital access, information technology, and broad, consistent product supply.

The acquisition expands the geographic reach of both companies in the Canadian market, creating a unique service and product offering that provides specialty products, service, and large quantities to more customers throughout Eastern Canada.

“Label Supply runs a highly successful business that is fast, agile, and customer service centric. They excel at meeting small to medium converters’ needs within Ontario, Canada, particularly the greater Toronto region,” said Ed LaForge, president and CEO, Mactac. “This acquisition, like others we’ve made within the past two years, will build upon the proven success of Label Supply. We will enhance what they do by broadening service throughout Eastern Canada and providing additional equipment and technology solutions that will also meet the needs of the region’s larger customers.”

Expanding the operational and commercial capabilities of Label Supply, Mactac will invest in the facility’s resources, technology, and equipment, including adding high-volume slitting assets designed for larger material rolls. Mactac will expand product offerings, adding LINTEC high-performance products and others, while ensuring supply stability.

"The way Mactac does business aligns with our business values,” said Jake Rempel, founder of Label Supply. “We chose Mactac because they have a large international footprint, but they value and appreciate customers and employees. We look forward to being part of the Mactac team and are excited to see Label Supply grow with the support and backing of Mactac.”

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