SABIC’s Specialties business, a standalone business of Saudi Basic Industries Corp. (SABIC), has launched a storefront on Knowde, a digital customer experience platform for the ingredient, polymer, and chemical industries.

SABIC’s Specialties business produces specialty engineered thermoplastic resins and compounds, composites, additives, and additive manufacturing solutions that offer a distinct set of multi-function physical properties to serve a wide range of industries. These market segments and applications span automotive, aerospace, electrical and electronics, infrastructure, healthcare, composites, water management, and 3D printing.

Research and development professionals, designers, and buyers can now use Knowde to search, filter, collaborate with online experts, and request samples for well-known SABIC brands. Among the SABIC Specialties brands featured on Knowde are high-heat ULTEM™, EXTEM™ and SILTEM™ resins, LNP™ specialty compounds and copolymers, and NORYL™ resins.

“In addition to our own recently launched SABIC Material Finder website, Knowde offers another online channel for our customers to quickly find SABIC Specialties’ material options that could meet their complex performance requirements. And, of equal importance, this channel gives our customers one more way to request the support of our technical experts. This combination could help to speed up their development time and enable them to get new products to market faster,” said Maureen MacDonald-Stein, director, Growth OEM, SABIC’s Specialties business.

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