The Mitsubishi Chemical Group is expanding its storefront on Knowde with the addition of its DIABEAM™ and DIACRON™ portfolios. DIABEAM is a portfolio of ultraviolet (UV) ray and thermal curable coating resins that can be incorporated in coatings for automotive exterior and interior parts. With DIABEAM, automotive manufacturers can improve the performance of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) such as millimeter wave radar (MMWR) and light detection and ranging (LiDAR)-sensing cameras. DIACRON saturated copolymerized polyester resins can be used in the manufacture of toner for compact, high-speed printers as well as inks and adhesives for packaging and industrial usage. DIACRON has grades using bio-based or recycled materials, meeting the most stringent performance requirements but also contributing to carbon neutrality.

“As research and development (R&D) professionals work to create new products and improve the functionality of current ones, they are able to utilize Knowde to find the ingredients that best match their application needs,” said Roy van Griensven, head of the Business Transformation Department at Mitsubishi Chemical Group. “That was a significant factor in our decision to expand Mitsubishi Chemical Group’s presence on Knowde.”

For manufacturers like Mitsubishi Chemical Group, a storefront on Knowde offers all the technology required to move online quickly to offer customers the modern, online buying experience they want.

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