Intertape Polymer Group announced that it is moving forward with its strategic sales expansion plan in Mexico, which began on June 30.

“For many years, IPG has had a sales presence in Mexico with supply and service coming from the United States,” said Greg Yull, president and CEO. “With our increased focus in Mexico into many different market segments, as well as an expansion of our sales force, August 2010 marks a key turning point for IPG in the Mexican market as we establish a bricks-and-mortar presence. We have established a warehouse near Monterrey, which will better meet our customers’ needs by offering just-in-time delivery, thus reducing their inventories and increasing delivery times.”

Inventory available for shipment to distribution has begun arriving in the Monterrey warehouse. While the option of ordering to the U.S. border gateway is still available, ordering for delivery from the Monterrey facility will require smaller minimum order quantities and faster delivery of stocked items. Non-stock items will be delivered directly to distribution from the U.S.

“This is an exciting venture for both the company and our customers to ensure we at IPG deliver on our vision to become an indispensable supplier to our partners, further strengthening our position in the marketplace,” Yull said.

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