In 2022, Jowat SE, based out of Germany, founded Jowat China Adhesives Co. Ltd., a 100% subsidiary, with two strategic objectives: being closer to the customer and strengthening its competitive position on the world’s biggest market. The enterprise has now laid the cornerstone of a new manufacturing location in Pinghu City, Jiaxing in China’s Zhejiang province. In addition to a production and storage facility, Jowat is building a modern research and development center on the 17,300-square-meter site.

More than 10% of the manufacturer’s total business is already being generated in the Asian market. Jowat is now optimizing its manufacturing network and supply chains to serve the market more successfully, especially in the highly competitive, high-volume segments.

“Our commitment and investment in China also opens up the opportunity to tap new markets which have their manufacturing centers in the region, such as the growing market of consumer electronics,” said Dr. Ralf Schelbach, vice president for Asia-Pacific at Jowat SE. “Over eighty percent of those products are manufactured in China. Local product development and fast market maturity are indispensable prerequisites to meeting the requirements of that industry. Sustainable adhesive solutions will also be playing a major role here in future.”

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