tesa has developed a range of seven film-based and paper-based packaging tapes made with a larger percentage of sustainable content. The products support growing consumer demand for solutions that contribute to sustainability and comply with increasing environmental legislation.

Matching the performance of the new, more sustainable, carton-sealing tapes to established products was the primary requirement during product development. All tapes were run through a series of drop tests using cartons made from single- and double-corrugated cardboard. Dropped from varying heights, the tapes were found to ensure the protective performance and primary purpose of the packaging. Most significantly, customers do not have to separate the more sustainable paper packaging tapes from cardboard prior to disposal. The tapes can be thrown out while attached to the cardboard without compromising the recycling process according to INGEDE Method 12.

“There is a large and growing need in the industry for more sustainable solutions. For a more sustainable future, we need to find solutions that can be part of the sustainability journey,” said Brady Hanson, head of marketing for Industrial Trade and Converting. “Adhesive tapes might not be the first thing you think of for your packaging to become more sustainable, but every step can move us towards a more sustainable future. So why wouldn’t you choose a more sustainable solution if there was the option?”

tesa® 60408, a new tape in the paper-based portfolio, offers a solution for light- and medium-weight packaging applications where premium performance is required. The paper used for its backing comes from certified, well-managed forests or other controlled sources. tesa 60408 includes 92% content made from bio-based carbon certified by DIN CERTCO.

Two film-based packaging tapes support tesa’s range of paper-based carton-sealing tapes using two innovative backing materials -- post-consumer recycled (PCR) PET and PLA. This provides additional transparent options for medium- to heavyweight packaging. Included in this range is the tesa 60412 Recycled PET packaging tape, the first carton-sealing tape from tesa using 70% PCR PET in its backing. This tape is printable with most types of ink systems, an additional asset for customers in branding their packaging. 

To learn more, visit www.tesa.com.