H.B. Fuller Co. announced that it has acquired Adhezion Biomedical, a privately held U.S. medical adhesives company with customers in more than 40 countries and more than 35 global certifications, including 105 patents.

Adhezion manufactures and distributes highly differentiated, proprietary cyanoacrylate technologies for surgical care, wound management, and infection prevention in healthcare settings. This acquisition creates a solid, unique platform from which H.B. Fuller will scale and innovate in the $8 billion health care adhesives market. This is in addition to capabilities attained from the company’s purchase of Tissue Seal in 2021, providing vertically integrated adhesive manufacturing and packaging capability. 

“This is a strategic move in support of our long-term growth strategy,” said Jim East, executive vice president, Hygiene, Health, and Consumable Adhesives. “H.B. Fuller products have been used around the world in medical applications for more than two decades, enabling new ideas and accelerating innovation. With our acquisition of Adhezion Biomedical, we will not only open new markets and diversify our portfolio, we will significantly strengthen our capabilities in the medical adhesives space, representing a milestone in our commitment to deliver greater value to our customers around the world.”

With a team of approximately 50 employees, Adhezion Biomedical will operate within H.B. Fuller’s existing Hygiene, Health, and Consumable Adhesives global business unit to accelerate growth with new medical-grade technology, in-depth application expertise, and reinforced ability to certify new innovations in the healthcare industry around the world.

To learn more, visit www.adhezion.com and www.hbfuller.com.