OQ Chemicals launched Oxbalance TCD Alcohol DM, a sustainable alternative to conventional TCD Alcohol DM (Tricyclodecane Dimethanol). The ISCC PLUS-certified product is made from more than 70% biobased and biocircular feedstocks. OQ Chemicals recently increased its production capacity for TCD Alcohol DM in 2022 and is now expanding the application range for the product with the biobased variant. Oxbalance TCD Alcohol DM produces high-performance technical polymers, adhesives, coatings and paints for the food packaging, electronics, and automotive industries without compromising the quality of the conventional version.

“Our Oxbalance products provide our customers with a sustainable alternative to conventional fully synthetic products. Certified as biomaterials, they fully meet the specifications and qualities of conventional products without requiring a new approval or qualification. With these products that are mass-balanced according to ISCC PLUS, we offer our customers a solution that meets the growing demand for sustainable raw materials and the increasing requirements for complete transparency in the supply chain. Our customers can switch to our biobased Oxbalance products without compromising on performance or quality,” said David Faust, executive vice president, Oxo Performance Chemicals, OQ Chemicals.

Dr. Oliver Borgmeier, CEO of OQ Chemicals, said, “Oxbalance is our new line of biobased Oxo Performance Chemicals. We are proud to offer our customers sustainable alternatives to conventional fully synthetic products - first Oxbalance Isononanoic Acid and now Oxbalance TCD Alcohol DM. We will continue to expand our biobased portfolio. As an industry partner, we are growing together with our customers and developing sustainable solutions for the global market.”

To learn more, visit www.chemicals.oq.com.