CIRCOR International, Inc., announces its Zenith B9000 Series precision metering gear pump, ideal for use in sealing and adhesive dispensing applications. The B9000 series maintains reliable flow control despite variations in temperature, viscosity, and pressure, while significantly increasing production time. Suitable for a wide range of fluids, including those that are abrasive or have poor lubrication, the B9000 series can be used for metering adhesives, coatings, paints/varnishes, colorings, catalysts, and resins.

The B9000 pumps are available with a magnetic drive sealing option, an innovative feature that provides a safe pumping solution. The magnetic coupling option eliminates shaft leakage of fluids, improving plant safety while reducing VOC emissions and seal failures. The feature eliminates excessive mechanical seal failures and the need for buffer fluids, reducing downtime and improving operational efficiency.

The Zenith B9000 pumps are available in flow ranges from 5 to 27,000 cubic centimeters per minute (0.0013 to 7 gallons per minute.) They are made of through-hardened 400 stainless steel, making them functional for corrosive and poor lubricating fluids. Working in temperatures ranging from a maximum of 341C° (645 F°) and a minimum of 18.00C° (º0F), Zenith B9000 pumps deliver accurate and repeatable flow of metering additives, colorants, or chemicals in a compact and efficient design.

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