The BYK-Gardner VMA Dispersion Laboratory in Wallingford, Connecticut at the BYK Additives Research Facility is a premier laboratory facility with the capability to perform product dispersion and bead mill demonstrations for a wide variety of markets including inks, coatings, battery development, cosmetics, food, medical, and emerging markets such as 3D print media and CBD health applications.

Andreas Stummer, dispersion business line manager for BYK-Gardner USA said, “This state-of the art facility is extremely advantageous for customers to have hands-on demonstrations, training, and trials while utilizing our facility and expertise to find solutions to the challenges they face for upcoming projects.”

Working with clients, the dispersion specialists will review their formulations and optimize the dispersion process to meet project objectives. The development and design team brings innovative ideas and long-term experience in mixing, dispersing, and grinding technology.

The Wallingford Dispersion Lab offers the ability to evaluate different types of laboratory dissolvers and milling tools as well as measuring the results of final particle size, particle size distribution, viscosity, and other physical and optical properties of the product.

The lab offers demonstrations of product performance, flexibility, and accessories through a variety of milling techniques, scale-up capability for customers interested in large equipment, showrooms with the latest milling and dispersing equipment, milling and dispersing training and seminars, and expertise from dispersion specialists.

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