The ROSS line of double planetary mixers come in a wide range of configurations and sizes and are dependable for mixing thick, sticky, or putty-like materials. The new Sanitary Double Planetary Mixer Model DPM-4S and Sanitary Discharge System Model DS-4S are engineered for efficient processing of medical-grade silicone formulations in a portable workstation.

The heavy-duty 4-gallon double planetary mixer features two patented high-viscosity stirrer blades. The blades rotate on their own axes while orbiting the mix vessel on a common axis with a slicing motion that pushes product forward and downward. Designed for vacuum operation, the mixer is equipped with an electromechanical lift to raise/lower the vacuum hood and a 50-psig heating/cooling jacket on the mix can. Multiple sets of vacuum hoods and mix cans were supplied for convenient cleaning with minimal downtime. All product contact parts are constructed from stainless steel type 316, 150-grit finish and electropolished. Operated through a seven-inch color touch screen interface, PLC Recipe Controls deliver superior batch-to-batch consistency in the mixing of high-solids, high-viscosity applications.

The accompanying discharge system maximizes product yield while also simplifying clean-up. It consists of a platen that is lowered hydraulically into a mix vessel. As the platen pushes down on the batch, product is forced out through a valve on the side or center bottom of the vessel with minimal product left behind. The change-can design enables semi-continuous operation, which can significantly increase production.

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