Hockmeyer Equipment Co. has introduced a new equipment line, the HRX Rotor-Stator. The patent-pending technology achieves particle deagglomeration and dispersion while controlling the temperature of the material. With the addition of an auger and a sweep blade, it can process unlimited viscosity ranges. It is offered as a stand-alone disperser, as a component on a multi-shaft mixer, or in a concentric design.

Regulating the temperature with the jacketed dome teamed with a jacketed vessel adds performance improvement for maximum operation control for temperature-sensitive applications.

A high-efficiency rotor is teamed with dynamic stator designs with openings in different sizes and shapes to enable rapid agglomerate size reduction. Controlling the exit ports’ positioning, size variation, and discharge angle enhances rotor stator performance.

Clearance between the rotors’ tips and the stators’ inside diameter controls the discharge and shear rates. The tighter the tolerances and exit ports, the higher the shear and the lower the discharge rate. Increasing the open area of the exit ports is accomplished by increasing their number and positioning.

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