Huntsman Corp. recently announced the launch of its Technology Portal, a platform dedicated to engaging with innovators and manufacturers across the value chain. The cross-divisional initiative aims to facilitate and foster external collaborations, connecting minds and expertise from diverse sectors with Huntsman to unlock potential business opportunities. 

"Collaboration is a key element of our innovation process at Huntsman," said Dr. David Hatrick, vice president of strategic marketing and innovation for Huntsman's Advanced Materials division. "Working with external partners, customers, and suppliers is very often the fastest route to developing and launching new products into the market. The skills needed for successful new products and applications are rarely held within one organization and the ability to partner is a critical capability for the future. The Huntsman Technology Portal will make it easier for external parties to propose and request new solutions, technologies and capabilities that could be jointly developed to create value for them and Huntsman."

The Huntsman Technology Portal offers two distinct cooperation routes for:

  • Innovation-driven Solutions: streamlined interface for innovators and entrepreneurs to share innovation challenges, problems to solve, and collaboration opportunities with Huntsman.
  • Manufacturing Solutions: contact hub for chemical manufacturers to explore tailored scale-up, industrialization, custom manufacturing, and other manufacturing solutions for their unique requirements.

"We are excited about the launch of the Technology Portal as it provides a new way to initiate collaboration to everyone's benefit," said Dr. Ralph Diguilio, Vice President of Global R&D for Huntsman's Performance Products division. "We can assure that all ideas submitted will be reviewed by a senior internal team established specifically for this purpose."

The Technology Portal is hosted on Huntsman's website at