Albert Invent announced the updated version of its Worksheet. It now brings all of scientists’ data, formulas, and materials into one connected command center. This information integrates with the full R&D system, giving scientists the ability to understand their experiments and data in real time. Albert Invent’s next generation Worksheet is a replacement for Excel, with an extensible database behind it. The result is a first-of-its-kind experience for chemical and materials scientists, enabling them to have greater IP protection, fewer experiment iterations, and increased cost savings as well as reducing errors and fostering greater collaboration.

“The Albert Worksheet is an enabler of the paperless laboratory. It’s like Excel on steroids,” said Albert Invent CEO and co-founder Nick Talken. “We’ve taken the format and functionality with which scientists are already comfortable and added everything they need to intuitively make experiments faster, easier, and more effective. Because we’ve spent years in the lab ourselves, we know where traditional point systems, such as ELNs and LIMS, do not actually make the job of a scientist easier; they’re just adding another system on top of Excel or a paper notebook. The Albert Worksheet arms scientists with an actual replacement, allowing scientists to work more efficiently, reduce repeat data entry, and have all of their information clean and connected–from inventory, to new product designs and formulations, to experimental properties and measurements.”

Because all information is entered and updated in real time, mistakes are reduced and repeat data entry is avoided. This results in clean, structured data, which then gets repurposed, reorganized, and reviewed across different use cases. By integrating historical data, not only do scientists no longer have to re-enter data with each experiment, but data is also easily ready for integration into AI models, which can yield further insights.

To fully support the needs of this customer base, Albert recently achieved ISO 27001 certification, validating the company’s rigorous approach to platform security to protect customers’ IP and R&D data. The company continues to increase headcount to meet product demand and further innovation initiatives, including enhancing and expanding machine learning capabilities.

Albert Invent will be speaking on Digital Transformation Best Practices and the Use of Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning in R&D at the Western Coatings Show in Las Vegas Oct 15- 18, 2023.

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