Gardco introduced a new line of precision gel timers. These gel timers can help boost accuracy and repeatability, specifically engineered to determine the gel time of various materials such as resinous plastics, epoxy resins, adhesives, drying oils, FRP, two component elastomers, and paints. 

The gel timers are straightforward, easy to operate, and constructed to deliver accuracy when carrying out gelation tests at room temperature or at elevated temperatures.

James Fusco, product manager for the Paul N. Gardner Co. (Gardco) said, “The new line of Gel Timers offers a great value for the global markets, offering the next level in precision and accuracy along with an intuitive easy to use interface, these next generation Gel Timers are CE compliant come with a universal power supply, cups, and wire stirrers, all at a very affordable price.”

Designed, engineered, and manufactured by Gardco, the gel timers feature an improved interface, digital readout, and wide temperature control. The new line offers two models, the Gardner GT (Standard) and GT-H (Heated) models. The GT-H has a heating range from 125°F to 425°F (51°C to 218°C). They are both CE compliant and come fully equipped with a universal power supply, ten wire stirrers and ten cups.

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