A new flexible and precise fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) gel coat system is offered from this company. It reportedly can be used for molded fiber-reinforced plastics such as those used in automotive applications. The system can provide on-ratio dispensing, while the gel coat gun reportedly offers a superior spray pattern and ease of maintenance.

The gel coat system, optimized for ratio stability and control, reportedly ensures the high-quality end products with minimized waste. The proportioner’s components and long-lasting seals lead to reduced maintenance, while the adjustable-ratio catalyst pump offers tool-free adjustment, increasing overall uptime.

The gel coat gun is reportedly up to 44% lighter than competing gun technologies, leading to better handling and spraying control for operators. The air assist containment (AAC) technology also wraps spray in a containing shield of air, preventing atomized droplets from escaping the spray pattern. The resulting decrease in overspray can reduce material waste and create a healthier environment for operators. The gun’s quick-disconnect front end also reportedly reduces maintenance time, while the needle clamp design prevents operators from needing to adjust needle settings after routine maintenance. Improved ease of maintenance leads to increased uptime over competing technology.

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