PPG officials recently hosted customers for a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the PPG coatings research center in Marly, France, to open a new laboratory and inaugurate an electrocoat (e-coat) aerospace primer pilot operation. This is reportedly PPG’s second significant investment for an AEROCRON e-coat primer installation, increasing global application capability for customer education. The Marly installation will be used for customer application trials and qualifications.

“This is a unique capability and a significant asset designed to benefit PPG customers in this region,” said Daniel Bencun, aerospace coatings segment manager for the Europe, Middle East and Africa region. “With keen understanding of its benefits, PPG adapted proven e-coat technology for corrosion resistance from automotive and industrial businesses to meet unique aerospace requirements. Investments in research and development like this one in Marly are important to e-coat technology adaptation and implementation within the aerospace industry.”

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