PPG recently announced that it earned recognition for AEROCRON™ electrocoat aerospace primer in the supplier category of the 2017 Safran Innovation Awards, including first-place honors from Safran Nacelles and second place from parent company Safran. Each year, the 10 companies comprising Safran reportedly select the most promising initiatives from their employees, partners and suppliers to receive innovation awards. Winners then go on to compete for Safran honors.

Safran has qualified PPG’s e-coat aerospace primer to specification PR-1037 for application to structural aircraft parts for corrosion resistance. The qualification reportedly enables the Safran companies and their subcontractors to produce parts for Safran using the chrome-free PPG e-coat primer.

“PPG’s e-coat process can provide better corrosion protection, more uniform application, and less coating weight for cost savings and enhanced aircraft fuel economy, which are so important in this industry,” said Daniel Bencun, global director for aerospace coatings. “We are proud to earn this recognition for PPG’s innovative technology that is the first e-coat process specifically for aerospace applications.”

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