For businesses seeking to enhance their existing equipment or expand production, ROSS offers reconditioned mixers. These reconditioned mixers,  restored to “like new” working condition by the highly skilled engineers and mechanics of the ROSS OEM team, provide comparable performance to new products. The reconditioned equipment comes with advantages, including cost savings and expedited shipping. Additionally, purchasers of these reconditioned machines enjoy the same standard warranty as a new ROSS Mixer: one year from the date of shipment. 

Reconditioned equipment that utilizes existing components to minimize waste can be an impactful and sustainable choice for companies looking for mixing solutions without compromising on value or performance. A recent example is the ROSS PD-40-gallon PowerMix recovered through the ROSS Buy Back Program where owners sell mixers no longer in use back to ROSS. Reconditioning entails a thorough inspection of the drives, controls, air/oil hydraulic lift, gearbox, shafts, seals, mix vessel, vacuum hood, elastomers, and valves. Each part of the mixer is carefully tested and cleaned, repaired, replaced, repolished, or modified as needed. This reconditioned equipment exemplifies how businesses can elevate their processing capabilities sustainably and for lower costs, all while maintaining the highest standards of quality.

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