Grolman Group announced Dr. Andreas Zett has been appointed managing director of Grolman Group. His new position will focus on overseeing the company's strategic expansion in the Asia-Pacific region, with particular emphasis on China and India.

In addition to existing managing directors, Zett, who has been an integral part of Grolman Group for over two decades, will assume this additional role while continuing his current responsibilities as business unit director for Pigments and Dyes.

Zett began with Grolman Group began December 1, 2000, when he joined as sales director for Pigments in Germany. His initial portfolio included a range of pigments, such as ultramarine, TiO2, phthalocyanine, and cadmium pigments, as well as pigment dispersions. Over the years, he took on additional responsibilities, expanding his role within the organization.

The decision to appoint Zett as managing director underscores Grolman Group's commitment to enhancing its presence in key geographical markets, especially in Asia. Zett's wealth of experience and proven track record within the company makes him the ideal candidate to lead these initiatives.

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