Mactac Engineered Tapes & Laminates is launching a materials selection guide for customers in the electric vehicle (EV) battery and e-mobility markets. Mactac manufactures pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) solutions for bonding, mounting, and reinforcing specialty materials. The guide is designed to help users choose the right PSA for their unique bonding application. It outlines recommended adhesive solutions for substrates that are commonly used in EV battery and e-mobility applications. It also identifies areas where new solutions are needed.

To generate the guide, Mactac collaborated with other materials manufacturers in the EV battery and e-mobility space including Armacell, ARPLANK®, Bergad Specialty Foams, Rogers Corp., and Worldwide Foam.

“It’s important that materials suppliers for the battery market work together to create value and help battery manufacturers and pack integrators find solutions for their unique needs,” said Zachary Gatland, technical applications scientist, Mactac. “With the new materials guide, customers can confidently select the Mactac product that pairs best with the substrate it is bonding.”

Mactac EV battery/e-mobility guide features the Mactac CleanTape™ non-VOC adhesive system along with other PSAs that are compatible with many conductive inks, solders, circuity components, printed circuits, and electric components. They can withstand rigorous hot and cold temperature cycling and humidity, as well as exposure to chemicals, organic solvents, cleaners, fuels, hydrocarbon-based fluids, weak acids, and alkalis. PSA specialty materials from Mactac offer properties that can improve battery pack safety and performance, while reducing weight, simplifying design, increasing efficiency, and streamlining manufacturing.

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