Law enforcement agencies in northern China have shut down large-scale manufacturing of counterfeit Viton™ FreeFlow™ fluoroelastomer, a product falsely bearing Chemours' trademarks, at a local chemical plant.

During an investigation at the facility, authorities discovered a substantial quantity of the fake fluoroelastomer, expected to produce approximately 20 tons of finished product. Additionally, authorities found counterfeit packaging materials and related business documents, all of which was reported to be valued at millions of dollars.

Local police, in collaboration with Chemours’ local counsel and a subsidiary, have so far apprehended two individuals who now face charges related to the illegal production and distribution of counterfeit goods. The suspects' identities are being withheld pending further investigation.

“This operation represents a significant stride in our ongoing battle against counterfeit production and the illicit trade of fake goods,” said Eric von Brockdorff, global product & business director, Chemours. “Counterfeit goods, especially in the chemical sector, pose substantial risks to safety, product quality, and the reputation of authentic products.”

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