A fire broke out at Elkem’s silicon plan in Salten, Norway, December 10, 2023. The fire started in a building housing raw material, including carbon materials. It was under control by emergency services and mostly extinguished within 24 hours. No people were injured. 

Following the incident, Elkem has been working together with external parties for some weeks to map the damages and plan for necessary repairs.

“Unfortunately, the system for mixing and transportation of raw materials to two of our furnaces require more restoration, and we are in the process to prepare for this work. However, we are pleased that the raw material systems to one of our furnaces was less damaged in the fire, and that we have been able to put in place temporary measures to re-start production," said Ove Sørdahl, plant manager, Elkem Salten.

“I sincerely want to thank all of the people who have helped us in this extraordinary period to help us protect health, safety, and the environment, first of all, and also getting us to this stage where we can re-start some of our production of important materials for the green and digital transitions. We know this progress is important both for our customers, for Elkem and for the entire Salten community," says Sørdahl.

Elkem has adequate insurance cover for property damage and business interruption.

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