Dow recently announced the company has started up its propylene glycol (PG) capacity expansion at its integrated manufacturing facility in Map Ta Phut, Rayong, Thailand. The investment increases propylene glycol capacity by 80,000 tons per year, which brings the total output to 250,000 tons per year, reportedly making the Dow Map Ta Phut PG manufacturing facility the largest of its kind in Asia-Pacific.

Dow reports that the back-integration at the Map Ta Phut site provides a cost-competitive supply of key upstream PG raw materials such as propylene oxide (PO) and ensures a reliable supply position to aid growth in downstream high-value PG markets.

"As one of the fastest growing and most dynamic regions in the world, this capacity expansion helps strengthen our innovation and manufacturing capabilities for our customers in Asia-Pacific and beyond," said Jane Palmieri, president of Industrial Intermediates & Infrastructure. "The expansion at our Map Ta Phut site not only optimizes our existing asset infrastructure, but also enhances our regional and global leadership position in the industry, allowing us to better serve our customers."

Dow's leading propylene glycol franchise upgrades basic chemical building blocks to produce high-quality ingredients for cosmetics, food, pharmaceuticals, and many other products for everyday use. The company is advancing sustainable PG production using lower carbon energy sources, and by implementing the use of bio-circular and circular feedstocks using the mass balance approach under ISCC PLUS certification at PG manufacturing facilities worldwide. To date, Dow has launched new PG solutions with externally verified sustainability benefits in North America, Europe, and Latin America. Dow plans to secure ISCC PLUS certification of the Map Ta Phut PG facility by the end of 2024.

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